Rainbow Kitchenware – A Rainbow Kitchen is a rainbow of colour

Rainbow Kitchenworks has released a range of rainbow kitchen tools that include a rainbow tray for easy clean up, a rainbow table for serving, a variety of bowl holders, a hand blender, a microwave and even a sprinkler.

The kitchenware range also includes a rainbow pan for cooking up a range more complicated dishes.

The range is available in three different colours: blue, red and yellow.

Rainbow Kitchenworks’ range of kitchenware includes rainbow bowls, rainbow tables and rainbow tables for cooking, the company said.

The rainbow tray, for example, is an easy-to-clean, quick-and-easy option that comes with a large bowl.

The tray, with its removable lid, can be used for cooking food or for serving other food items, the website said.

A rainbow table can be made to stand on top of a rainbow plate or tray.

It comes with four large, rectangular bowls, a large tray, a bowl holder, a sprinkling mat, a wash cloth and a dishwasher, the kitchenware website said