Why is this vintage kitchenware selling so well?

This vintage kitchen toolkit from HGTV, HGTV’s flagship channel, is selling out fast on eBay, with the average price hovering around $1,200.

In other words, this is the most expensive vintage kitchen tools you’ll find on eBay.

You may have seen some of the HGTV gear in action in the recent “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” season, which included an episode with a kitchen remodel that included this vintage HGTV kitchen.

Now, the HGtv Kitchen is available for sale on eBay as well, but this time it’s for the bargain price of $1.49.

If you can’t wait for the HG TV Kitchen, you can pick up the HG Home improvement Kitchen Kit for $3.99.

And you can buy the HG Kitchen at Amazon for $2.99, which is almost $20 less than the current price of the original HGTV Kitchen.