How to buy your next home

New owners can buy up to £1,000 worth of kitchenware online and use the money on food, travel and holiday packages.

This week we’ve put together our top picks of the best kitchenware for sale online.

Read moreNew owners can also buy up on accessories like coffee mugs, knives and spoons, as well as upholstery, furniture and more.

We also found a number of items that are available to buy online but don’t fit neatly into any one category, so if you’re looking for something specific that fits into one category and you’re not sure which category it fits into, we’ve included it below.

You can also get a quick run-down of some of the top kitchenware brands available in the UK.

If you’re a new owner, we also recommend checking out our guide to buying your first home in the US and UK.

We’ve included some tips for buying your house in the new country as well.