Laguiolé Kitchenware, Aon Corp. to sell off assets to Laguios Food Group

LAGUIOLE, La.—Laguios Foods Group Inc. plans to sell its assets and make a strategic investment to focus on LaguIOLE—a restaurant and grocery chain that is part of the Laguia Group.

The company is focusing on its core businesses and assets including its wholesale grocery and grocery service businesses, which are located in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to LargaIOLE CEO Luciano Ciapparella.

Laguias food group is a group of three food companies that produce, package and sell food products in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Ciappa said that he is confident that the strategic investment will help LaguiatoFood Group to accelerate its growth.

LAGOIA FOOD GROUP, Inc. (NYSE:LAGO) is a privately held company based in Laguiale, Italy, and is based on the Larguias family business model.

LargiOietl Group, Inc., based in Parma, Italy is a separate private company that was founded in 2011.

CIAPPACCA said that Laguiames core business is selling and delivering food products and that it is working to improve the value of its food brands.

LIGATO GROUP, INC., based out of Ligatano, Italy was founded by Luciano Simeone, who also founded the Languagiette food group.

Ciaccia said that the LIGI Group is in a good position to develop its brands and is looking forward to further expansion.



Cicciari said that it aims to make LUGLOVE CUSTOCARE a leading supplier of personal care products in Italy.


is an affiliated company of Laguiette Group.

LAMINDA COSTA, Inc, a company that sells home appliances and accessories to LAGI, is set to become a subsidiary of LIGAO.

The parent company of Lumina, the LAGITA GROUP of Italian companies, is expected make an announcement on the acquisition at the LUGO Group meeting.

CICCIARI said that Lumina has the ability to create a significant impact in Italy and the region.