Apple cooks up a new kitchenware series for 2017

Apple is cooking up a series of kitchenware products for the holiday season, including a new electric oven, a new coffee maker, a cooking-related fridge, and a cookbook that will teach you how to cook a chicken.

Apple is also introducing an iPhone-themed coffee table for its new Cook in the Kitchen program.

A new iPhone X, announced earlier this month, was launched with an all-new design and will include new software features and new design features.

The new iPhone is powered by a new Neural Processing Unit that is faster, lighter, and more battery efficient.

Apple also said the new iPhone has a new “faster, smarter, more intelligent” AI processor that can “learn from your behavior” and automatically make improvements to the device.

Apple also unveiled a new app called Apple Watch Series 6 that will track your daily activity and show you where you are and what you’re doing, and it also includes a new smartwatch app that helps you create custom watch faces, such as those with Apple-branded colors.

Apple’s new Apple TV is available now and will be sold in select Apple retail stores starting Nov. 12.

Apple plans to sell an Apple TV Pro, a smaller, less expensive version of the new AppleTV that will allow users to watch Apple TV content.

It will be available on Dec. 5.

Apple TV 4 is available today, as well as a new version of Apple TV that has a faster processor and can connect to the Internet.