What’s in a Name? New York Chef’s name prompts heated debate

New York City chef Aron Nitzt is on the chopping block after his name was found on a restaurant’s menu.

New York Times columnist and Food Network star Rachel Maddow said Nitztz’ name “seems to be a way to get some clicks” as it’s used on some of the city’s most popular restaurants.

Nitzt has been in the spotlight since he was arrested last week on charges of shoplifting at a Manhattan diner, which led to his arrest in New York on Friday.

The chef’s name is found on dozens of menus in some of New York’s most prominent restaurants.

The restaurant industry is still reeling from the loss of celebrity chef David Chang, who was fired in March after he was accused of stealing more than $1 million.

Maddow called the chef’s arrest a “political stunt,” and a “scandalous and shameful way to go after a talented chef.”

Maddows said Niztz’ “name, his name should be on the menu,” and that “nobody should be able to do that.”

“You’re saying you’re going to take a chef’s job and then you’re not giving it back?”

Maddow asked.

“Is it because you don’t have any compassion for him?”

Maddowski, who is Jewish, told the host that Nitzts name is offensive to Jews.

She also said Ntzts name “doesn’t sound Jewish,” and added that he should not be allowed to have a restaurant in New Yorker City.

Mizell said she was surprised by Maddow’s comments and said she thought the controversy over Nitztl’s name was an “important conversation” that needed to be had.

“What is he supposed to do?

I mean, if I have a Jewish friend, what is he going to do?” she said.”

The thing that I think is interesting about this is that it’s not just about the chef; it’s about the person who is trying to do it.

What does that say about us?

Are we going to allow this person to be able be a part of our community?”

Mizells father, David, who has served as a New York police commissioner, told MSNBC that he was upset that the chef was able to work at a restaurant, even though he was convicted of shoplifting.

David said that he is disappointed that the Chef’s Choice Award is going to be awarded to Nitztic.

“We feel that the people who voted against us were not even thinking about the fact that this person was convicted for shoplifting, because they thought that they were going to make a difference in a community, that they would have some kind of change,” he said.

David added that the restaurant industry needs to “look at itself” and understand that people have a “right to work.”

“We can’t allow a guy to work in this business, to be on a show,” he added.