‘The most disgusting’ ‘beehive’ kitchenware stores New Zealand

A “beehiving” kitchenware store has been fined NZ$3,000 for displaying “the most disgusting” food-related items in its shelves.

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) said the supermarket chain, on the corner of Ponsonby Street and Ponsonbys Rd, was fined $3,300.DIA spokeswoman Karen Smith said the department would now examine whether to seek a court order to stop the offending.

“The store was ordered to pay NZ$4,500 in penalties to the DIA, which includes interest,” she said.”DIA will be examining whether to proceed with a court injunction to prevent the offending.”DIA inspectors also found “balding and/or filthy” items on the shelves.

A spokeswoman said the store was still operating under the old code of practice.

“We take our responsibilities to protect New Zealanders seriously and are taking appropriate action to ensure the shop remains in compliance with all our laws and regulations,” she added.

“It is a very serious offence for a food-based retail business to display food products in a manner which is offensive or that does not comply with the appropriate food-care policies, guidelines and policies.”

“We will now look at what actions we can take to address this.”

The offending items include:Beehives in a beehiving,beehives and beehives,beef jerky,beetroot jerky and beetroot jerkey,beets,beeweed,baked beans,burnt egg,coffee,corn,corn chips,corn stalks,dried tomatoes,drinkable water,egg,fruit,fruit juice,granola,grains,green beans,gourds,greens,hay,horseradish,honey,jelly,milk,meat,meat sauce,pasta,pork,potatoes,roasted peppers,sausage,sauerkraut,salad dressing,shrimp,soup,soy sauce,steamed rice,tofu,water and white beans.

The DIA said the offending items included “beef and pork jerky” and “beetroots and beets”.

The store also had an “egg and/a vegetable” shelf.

DIA said it had been ordered to put an “immediate stop to the offending food-stuffs and/ or food products”.

“As a result of this notice, the offending material is removed from the premises,” the spokeswoman said.

The shop had a registered address in the suburb of Parsonstown and was not listed on the Dia’s food safety register.

It is not known what the offending item was.