How eco friendly Kitty Kitchenware is the most eco friendly home kitchen

The Kitty Kitchen is an eco-friendly kitchenware line created by the startup Catamaran.

The line is made of bamboo-framed, glass-and-steel appliances and products.

The designs are designed to be eco-neutral, which means they use minimal materials and processes.

They also make their own packaging, which makes the products more environmentally friendly than standard brands.

Catamarans founder, Jeremy Segal, is also a member of The Sustainable Living Institute.

He told Recode that he believes that all the products that Catamaria sells are eco-safe.

“They’re not just glass and steel, but glass and bamboo,” he said.

“It’s a sustainable and eco-conscious product, and I think people are going to love it.”

The Catamarcan line includes many of the eco-conservation-friendly products that you can find in most home kitchens.

For example, they offer a glass-topped coffee maker with a ceramic base.

Catamarans founder said that the ceramic base can be recycled, and if used for a while, can be turned into a decorative base.

For more on Catamaris eco-designs, check out the video above.

And if you’re interested in more, you can watch the Catamarin video below.