How to build a zambian kitchenware empire from scratch

The Zambian Kitchenware Group has launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at launching a new line of high-end kitchenware.

The company says it has “been working with suppliers and designers in Zambia and Zanzibar since 2015 to produce quality products and to create a range of high quality products that will bring Zambians quality products to the world.”

The company aims to raise $100,000 in funding to launch the Zambi Kitchenware range, which it hopes will be launched by the end of 2019.

The campaign aims to fund the production of Zambias first line of kitchenware in the US and Europe, and will include an exclusive zambi-themed product line that includes kitchenware from the company’s zambie collection.

The project is aimed at helping to create the Zafar kitchenware brand, which is “driven by the zambians desire for quality and innovation, and we have created a range which will be a great addition to our range.”

The Zafari Kitchenware line of products will include a range from the zafar range which is made of natural materials and designed to be light and lightweight, and the zombi range which features an array of handcrafted tools.