Kim Jong Un’s Kitchenware Suppliers Closing: ‘I’ve Never Seen So Many’

KOREA OUTDOORING — Kim Jong Un has ordered a wide-ranging review of Korean kitchenware supplies, according to Korean news outlet Variety.

The president ordered the review as he prepares to travel to China and the Middle East, Variety reports, citing an unnamed source.

The order includes a review of all the products manufactured by Korean companies, including cosmetics, toilet paper, cooking utensils, and more.

The new measures will be the biggest effort by the Kim dynasty to improve its quality of life, according Variety, which says it was not provided with a copy of the order.

In addition to ordering a review, Kim has also ordered a nationwide ban on all imports of Korean products, a ban on exporting cosmetics, and a ban of foreign firms from manufacturing kitchenware.

Kim also ordered that the North Korean state run a food safety and hygiene committee to oversee the nation’s kitchenware industry.

Kim’s latest order also comes a week after the United Nations announced it had ordered an international team to inspect the North’s food safety system, citing “serious deficiencies.”

The North has been in a state of emergency since a rare nerve agent attack on September 2 that killed dozens of people, including two U.S. citizens.

The U.N. team, led by the agency’s Deputy Secretary-General for International Cooperation, said it had been ordered to conduct a comprehensive inspection of North Korea’s food and food-safety system.

North Korea has been embroiled in a bitter feud with South Korea over its handling of the North Korea crisis.

The North responded to the UN team’s findings by firing missiles at the Korean Peninsula.

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