Types of spoons

A&A Restaurant Supply: Types of spoons

There are a handful of utensils meant to be used for various purposes. Spoons are manufactured in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials to ensure that they fit the requirements of the applications for which they are designed. Check out the different types of spoons right here in A&A Restaurant Supply.

Absinthe spoon

An absinthe spoon was created for those who drink absinthe. It has holes or slots in it, and when you stir it, it makes lots of small currents in the drink. The bowl end, which is long and flat, may stretch over the glass and rest on it, which is kept in place by a slot at the bottom of the handle’s base.

Bouillon spoon

Because of the greater surface area of the vast, shallow bowl of the Bouillon spoon, the clear broth-based soup cools more rapidly than it would with an oval bowl. It is used in the preparation of cold-served madrilene.

Caviar spoon

The material utilised to create caviar spoons is an essential component of their design. The most often used materials are the mother of pearl, animal horn, wood, or gold. The caviar is stored in containers typically smaller than standard spoons. Their bowls are tiny and oval to prevent enormous scoops of ice cream from being distributed. 

Chinese spoon

Chinese spoons are frequently shorter and thicker than their Western counterparts when it comes to Chinese spoons. They can be found at a broad range of Asian restaurants. In addition to scooping out pieces of solid food from liquids such as soups and sauces, they may also be used to scoop out portions of solid food. 

Cutty spoon

‘Cutty’ is a term that is often heard in Scotland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom to refer to someone short and stubby. Since the handle is usually the same length as the bowl, this spoon is more compact than other types.

Dessert spoon

A dessert spoon is commonly used for cereal and soup. However, its primary function is a sweetening agent. On average, dessert spoons are between a teaspoon and a tablespoon in size. Depending on the formality of the table arrangement, this type of spoon would either be served with your dessert or placed on top of it.

Egg spoon

Egg spoons were invented to be utilised when eating hard-boiled eggs. As a result of their shorter handle and smaller bowl, these scoops are more straightforward to use in the stand than other models. 

Grapefruit spoon

Comparatively speaking, the grapefruit spoon’s bowl has sharp edges or teeth cut into it, giving it the grapefruit’s appearance shape. It is possible to use this tool to remove the skin of citrus fruit or melons. 

Horn spoon

Animal horns are used to make horn spoons with two traditional uses. When it comes to boiling eggs, they are ideal since they will not tarnish over time due to the sulfur in their yolk.

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